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How to Protect Your Hearing Aids

How to Protect Your Hearing Aids

Hello to the beloved deaf community along with friends and family of those reading our latest blog! The professionals at Hart Medical are excited to discuss the topic of hearing aids. Taking care of your hearing aids allows you to protect your ability to hear what is going on around you and easily hear what someone may be saying. This blog will cover how to protect your hearing aids, so you can keep from saying “what?” multiple times a day. 

Clean Your Hearing Aids 

Your hearing aids are with you every day so it's important to take care of them. Protecting them means taking the time to clean them. Just take a few moments and wipe them down. But be sure to use something meant for hearing aids! You can use wipes or spray like the ones we have linked. 

Have Hearing Aid Storage 

If you were to go swimming or be doing an activity where your hearing aids may fall out and get broken, it's important to have a little case to place them in so you know they are safe. Buy a few cases that are structured and watertight, so you can have them in your car and at home to always be prepared.  

Invest In a Hearing Aid Dryer 

Did you know there were dryers for hearing aids? If you or your child drops their hearing aid in the tub or sink, simply place it in the dehumidifying dryer after removing the battery. If they still don’t work the next day, then see your practitioner.  

Have Hearing Aid Insurance 

Just like with cell phone or car insurance, protecting yourself from damages, theft, loss or repair is important. Look into what insurance covers hearing aids as you may be able to add it onto your homeowner's insurance for example. 

Use a Hearing Aid Protector 

These protectors can be made of soft rubber or fabric and fit over the hearing aid. These protect against sweat and moisture, can help reduce noise interference and add comfort. 

Don’t Leave Them in the Car 

Theft, forgetfulness resulting in loss, extreme heat/cold and so on can all be issues when leaving your hearing aids in the car. Be sure to bring them inside with you and keep them in a safe place when not using them. 

We offer numerous hearing services such as hearing aids, in-person hearing testing and assistive devices. Whether you’re in need of another checkup or haven’t made the step to get help, the friendly staff along with our audiologist at Hart Medical are here to help!