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A&D Medical Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

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A&D Medical Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

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Details & Specs for A&D Medical Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

A&D Medical

Introducing the Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE, one of the most advanced monitors available. Designed for ease of use and accuracy with a simple, compact and modern look. The UA-651BLE offers advanced features including Pressure Rating Indicator™, irregular heartbeat detection, low battery indicator, measurement time and date stamp and up to 30 readings in internal memory storage.

Unlock the Potential of the UA-651BLE with the A&D WellnessConnected™ Platform

You can now achieve greater insight into your health and wellness like never before. As part of A&D Medical’s WellnessConnected™ portfolio, the UA-651BLE easily, reliably and securely connects to your iPhone or Android supported mobile device with the A&D Connect app via Bluetooth® Smart™ technology. A&D Connect is a simple, easy to use mobile application that allows you to view your wellness metrics in a whole new way, complete with trends and graphs for all of your A&D WellnessConnected™ devices, including blood pressure, weight, activity and sleep. With an A&D WellnessConnected™ account, you have unlimited storage in the A&D Cloud.

Track your wellness. Share with others.

A&D Connect allows users to engage physicians and caregivers in their health and wellness monitoring. Set your goals, see your trends and live well. The A&D Connect sharing function allows you to share your health and wellness data with family, friends and caregivers via email, social media platforms and more.

Are Blood Pressure Monitors Accurate?

Whether you’re treating hypertension, monitoring your pregnancy, tracking your athletic pursuits or simply watching your health more closely, you can safely use a blood pressure monitor to track your blood pressure at home. Tracking your blood pressure is easier and more convenient than ever, thanks to the convenience of the A&D Medical Deluxe Bluetooth Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

If used as directed, readings from clinically validated wrist cuffs are just as accurate as at-home readings from upper-arm cuffs.

How Do You Use a Blood Pressure Monitor?

The first and most important tool for an accurate at-home blood pressure reading is proper technique. How you monitor your blood pressure is just as important as the tools you use. Stick to these three simple rules and you’ll be an at-home blood pressure pro in no time:

  • Be consistent: That means same time of day and, if possible, same location. If not, make sure you’re seated in a similar chair with your arm rested at the same height.
  • Stay still: For 30 minutes prior be sure to avoid exercise, caffeine and smoking.
  • Cross your heart: Keep the cuff directly across from your heart. With a wrist monitor, that means resting your elbow on a table and holding your wrist out and up at the same level as your heart for an accurate reading.

As with any medical decisions, you should discuss your blood pressure monitor usage with your doctor. They can help make sure that your at-home readings are as accurate as possible. A direct comparison between your wrist monitor and the in-office equipment can help identify any margins of error and improve your at-home blood pressure readings.

  • Compatible with both Android and IOS platforms
  • Gives a snapshot of your BP classification in accordance with US JNC7 guidelines.
  • 30 reading internal memory storage
  • Unlimited reading storage with A&D Cloud account
  • Clinically validated — using latest protocol ESH 2010
  • Irregular Heartbeat Feature alerts the user to the presence of an irregular heartbeat risk
  • Share health data with doctor, care givers and loved ones

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