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Hart Loves Our Patients!

Hart Loves Our Patients!

Posted On:March 5, 2019 by Hart Medical Equipment in: Company, Customer Satisfaction, General, Technology

  Hart Loves Our Patients! Improving patient experience encompasses a range of interactions that we have with our patients including your transition from hospital to home. As an integral component of health care quality, patient experience includes several aspects of health care delivery that you value highly when you seek and receive care, such as timely appointments and deliveries, easy access to information, and good communication. With the use of technology, we are improving our patient experience through quality encounters that are proving to drive high patient satisfaction. Bios & pulseCheck Text Messaging With Hart Medical Equipment Bios, we provide you the confidence and comfort of knowing who is coming to your door. With your permission, we will send your cell phone a text message appointment reminder as well as a delivery technician picture and biography, so you will know who is coming to your house and when to expect them. After our visit, you’ll

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