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CGM Therapy Is Full Of Options!

CGM Therapy Options


Interested to learn more about Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems track glucose levels throughout the day. CGM users insert a tiny sensor wire just under their skin using an automatic applicator. An adhesive patch holds the CGM sensor housing in place so the sensor can measure glucose readings in interstitial fluid throughout the day and night.   

Just as in life, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring arena is full of choices.  The brands have unique features that make them better choices for different people.  Below is a comparison with the pros and cons of some of the CGMs now available.


FreeStyle Libre   Dexcom G6   Medtronic Guardian III
Available Online!   Available Online!    
-- PROS --
- No calibration needed   - No calibration needed   - Sensors are a 7 day wear, may be reused
- 14 days sensor wear   - Calibration used to improve accuracy   - Alerts are customizable
- Very low profile sensor   - Can be paired with the Tandem X2 pump   - Real time alerts for high and low results
- 1 hour warm up   - Real Time alerts high, low, and trending   - Real time sharable data
- Built in glucometer   - Not impacted by acetaminophen   - Available report to show patterns and trends
- Sensor stores data up to 8 hours   - Approved for children over 2    
- Medicare approved   - Medicare Approved    
-- CONS --

- No real time alerts

  - Transmitter must be replaced every 3 months   - 2 hour warm up time

- Widest inaccuracy in low ranges

  - Sensors can not be reused   - Multiple tapes can cause skin issues

- Scanner requires charging 

  - Most expensive system   - Requires at least on calibration test every 12 hours

- Sensor adhesive may not last 14 days

      - Transmitter requires charge every 7 days

- Freestyle software can be confusing

      - Only compatible with a Medtronic pump

- Calibration does not improve accuracy

      - Not Medicare approved


Most insurances cover CGM therapy for Type I diabetics. There are some insurances that provide coverage for Type II diabetics when other complications are present.

Hart Medical Equipment carries multiple CGMs. Talk with your physician to see if CGM therapy is right for you. For questions, please call (888) 606-8778 and ask for Hart’s Specialty Care Team or email