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Has Your Insurance Changed?

Has Your Insurance Changed?


Have you had an insurance change?  Has your identification number been updated?

It is important for Hart Medical Equipment to have your current insurance information. Having updated insurance information will help stream-line the reimbursement from your health insurance company, in turn, improving Hart’s ability to keep deductibles, copay balances and payments current for you. If you have a change in insurance, will you please let us know? 

Insurance changes especially affect patients with rental equipment. Each health insurance company has its own list of requirements for documentation and qualifications to take over payment of a rental that was previously under a different insurance.  Documentation requirements may include an updated physician’s prescription and recent physician visit notes, while new qualifying testing may be necessary for therapies such as oxygen and CPAP/BiPAP.

With insurance changes, each insurance company has its own guidelines as far as future billing of your therapy. For instance, some insurance companies continue with the rental period as if they have had the rental from the beginning. In this situation, the months of rental paid by the former insurance will go towards the rental period of your new insurance’s guidelines. Other insurance companies will start the rental period over as if you have received a new piece of equipment. This will entail starting over your rental period under your new insurance’s guidelines. In either case, Hart’s experienced staff can assist you in understanding exactly how your rental equipment will be handled during the insurance change process.

For insurance changes and/or questions, please call our toll free number (888) 606-8778 and request to speak with Hart’s Billing Team. Sometimes change can be difficult -- let the Hart team make it easy for you. We look forward to hearing from you!