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Hart Loves Our Patients!

Hart Loves Our Patients!


Hart Loves Our Patients!

Improving patient experience encompasses a range of interactions that we have with our patients including your transition from hospital to home. As an integral component of health care quality, patient experience includes several aspects of health care delivery that you value highly when you seek and receive care, such as timely appointments and deliveries, easy access to information, and good communication.

With the use of technology, we are improving our patient experience through quality encounters that are proving to drive high patient satisfaction.

Bios & pulseCheck Text Messaging

With Hart Medical Equipment Bios, we provide you the confidence and comfort of knowing who is coming to your door. With your permission, we will send your cell phone a text message appointment reminder as well as a delivery technician picture and biography, so you will know who is coming to your house and when to expect them.

After our visit, you’ll receive a Hart Medical Equipment pulseCheck survey text message, where we ask you to let us know the level of our delivery technician’s professionalism; whether you would recommend Hart to your friends and family; and the quality of service received on our Hart Medical Equipment Google or Facebook social media channels. If your review is anything other than positive, our leadership team will be notified in real time and will make contact with you during standard business hours to address your concerns. 

Instant Social Media Reviews

We encourage reviews from anyone, anywhere, and anytime! It takes less than 60 seconds!

Providing a 5-Star exceptional service experience is important to us at Hart Medical Equipment. If we’ve provided you 5-Star service, please review us on social media by texting the word HART to 70402 where you’ll be directed to our Hart Medical Equipment Google and Facebook social media channels. Taking only seconds of your time, your review makes it easier for other patients to find us, and allows us to provide a 5-Star exceptional service experience to other patients, which helps our business tremendously.

Two-Way Messaging

With Hart Medical Equipment’s Two-Way Messaging, we are improving our patient communication and increasing retention using a state of the art, two-way texting platform that allows us to engage you on the go, on your favorite, and most used communication channel. 

As a consumer, you have more choices and healthcare decisions that will continue to impact your wallet more and more, causing you to compare your healthcare experience to the expectations you have developed in other aspects of your life. It is our goal to drive positive patient experience through timely appointments and deliveries, providing you easy access to information, good communication, and reduce the chance of a hospital readmission. These efforts are improving patient satisfaction.  We love our patients!




  • Bruce McNier | Jan 27th 2020 @ 8:50 PM

    I visited the Hart Medical store on Ballenger to get help with my CPAP that was not working. I was welcomed by a very courteous sales person named Art. He tested by machine and found the problem right away, a bad power supply pack. Art provided a solution along with valuable information on my upcoming next CPAP purchase. I would highly recommend this sales person and store to anyone that has CPAP equipment needs.

  • Patricia | Dec 19th 2020 @ 11:28 AM

    I want to give a review on Hart medical. My mom was released from the hospital about 7:00PM last Wednesday. She was discharged with a dual bottle oxygen caddy and one bottle was almost empty. The bottles last about 4 hours based on her set delivered oxygen levels. Hart Medical came to the house just before 10PM to deliver 3 more oxygen bottles and a whole house oxygen generation machine. Then @ about 10:30PM a gentleman named Art called and helped us set everything up over the phone. He did a...

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