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Home Blog SoClean / ResMed Warranty Clarification

SoClean / ResMed Warranty Clarification

SoClean / ResMed Warranty Clarification

ResMed Warranty Update / SoClean Response:


Hart Medical Equipment takes patient safety, health, and satisfaction seriously and stands behind its products. From time to time, products may get recalled, or there may be an issue with a manufacturer. Hart looks at each one of these cases and takes appropriate action. In the instance of warranty coverage changes, Hart will notify patients, as outlined in the Medicare Supplier Standards.


In February, ResMed issued a warranty update announcing that it would exclude damage to their machines when the damage was caused by the use of ozone devices.


In response, the manufacturer SoClean addressed ResMed’s notice by offering to honor the warranty on the AirSense 10 when used with a SoClean for a two year period, plus they added an additional year, for a total of a three year warranty. Please visit for details on how to register.


If you have questions, please call Hart at (888) 606-8778 or reach out via our Live Chat here on We are here to assist.


For your convenience and choice, Hart sells different types of PAP sanitizers and cleaners from ozone to UVC light.

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